From the SKY I see...

...biomedical research moving from ideas to trials to treatments, faster.

Van Andel Research Institute directs 100% of donations to biomedical research and science education to find new and better therapies for diseases like cancer and Parkinson’s. And now the Institute is able to help patients and families faster with solutions powered by Blackbaud SKY, the only cloud built to power social good.

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From the SKY I see... water and a bright future for 3.2 million people.

Water Mission has made its vision for safe water a reality for over three million people with help from Blackbaud SKY™ — the only cloud built to power social good.

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From the SKY I see...

...a place for thousands of first-generation college students to thrive.

Notre Dame de Namur University used solutions powered by Blackbaud SKY to raise over $12 million to restore its iconic Ralston Hall. Now thousands of students every year—many who are the first in their families to attend college—have the place they need to thrive.

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What is Blackbaud SKY?

Modern. Integrated. Open. Blackbaud SKY brings together an unparalleled set of capabilities that powers an ecosystem of good. It combines infrastructure, processes, and pre-integrated services to deliver an ongoing stream of innovation—all with industry-leading security, scale, and performance.

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How will Blackbaud SKY help your organization?

Designed exclusively for the social good community, Blackbaud SKY helps organizations achieve their highest potential. Enjoy pre-integrated services like payments, email, analytics, online donations, and more. The out-of-the-box functionality requires no additional deployment or integration work on your part.

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What are benefits of Blackbaud SKY?

Blackbaud SKY includes SKY UX for a consistent, always-modern user experience, and SKY API, which offers industry-standard open APIs that allow customers, application developers, and partners to customize or extend functionality. Our rapid innovation process means you automatically get enhancements every few weeks or faster. And thanks to the powerful infrastructure and cloud services behind Blackbaud SKY, you'll enjoy industry-leading availability with data that is backed up and always secure.

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