What is the Social Economy?

Good can come from anywhere. From social sector organizations and private sector companies. From individual change-makers and enduring institutions. The production and consumption of social good happens in the social economy.

So, what would happen if we – as a society – put as much effort into measuring, understanding and striving to drive growth in the social economy as we do in the broader economy?

Our Challenge

It’s time for anyone who cares about doing good in the world to adopt a new paradigm. One that inspires us to ask what we are doing not only to achieve our own goals for good, but to strengthen the social economy – so that we can all accomplish more.

This means working together to drive greater participation and greater participation by unleashing the power of data, driving open-source citizenship and striving for radical collaboration.

Unleash the Power of Data

A thriving social economy will be fueled by data. That’s one reason why we at Blackbaud are committed to regularly releasing indexes and reports, and why we’re doubling down on this commitment to provide even more data-driven insights through the Blackbaud Institute for Philanthropic Impact in the future.

Catalyze the impact of people

A thriving social economy requires individual change-makers who are engaged as connected global citizens. Corporations can replace the traditional CSR (corporate social responsibility) mindset and adopt HSR—human social responsibility – instead. Social sector organizations can help their supporters to be not just effective advocates for one cause, but engaged global citizens.

Be radically collaborative

The kind of collaboration that will drive true progress in our efforts to strengthen the entire social economy can only arise from deep alignment on how we define success. As just one example, the Sustainable Development Goals have given us all a north star to work toward in our efforts to do good.

That’s why at Blackbaud, we’re integrating the Global Goals taxonomy into our software products –so that organizations and corporations pursuing social good can actually map outcomes against this shared roadmap.

We’ll be kicking off a series of conversations around how we can work together to strengthen the social economy. What do we need to measure? How can private and social sector organizations deepen their collaboration?

We want your voice, insights and ideas to be a part. Let us know you’d like to stay updated on upcoming conversations and opportunities.