OmniPoint Enterprise Marketing Suite

The Marketing Solution for Sophisticated Nonprofits

Communication and supporter expectations are changing at a rapid pace. In order to develop stronger relationships with your constituents, your marketing program has to keep up. OmniPoint Enterprise Marketing Suite can help you tackle the intricacies of managing direct marketing programs at sophisticated nonprofits.

We should be on a first-name basis. Not a [FirstName] basis.

OmniPoint is an integrated set of sophisticated marketing products.

With data transformation, marketing execution, and decision support, all in one comprehensive solution, OmniPoint delivers the insight you need to create and deliver more personalized and effective communications.

What's inside?

  • Data
    A holistic view of donors and constituents
  • Marketing
    Data-driven marketing automation to provide meaningful and customized experiences
  • Decision
    Business intelligence and visual insight based on data and predictive models

You know my age and race. But do you know that I raced for your cause?

OmniPoint provides all the tools you need to strengthen your marketing efforts from the inside out.

Data Transformation
  • Data
  • Less configuration and setup
  • Improved data quality through identification of duplicates
  • Cleaned and combined data that delivers better insight into constituent behaviors and interests
Marketing Execution
  • Marketing
  • Reduced complexity of campaign segmentation
  • Real-time personalization
  • Ability to act on timely and relevant opportunities automatically
  • Workflows tailored to constituent interactions
Decision Support
  • Decision
  • Best in class reporting capabilities
  • Visual analytics to easily understand donor behavior across multiple channels
  • Data integration across online and offline channels

Take your nonprofit's marketing to the next level.

OmniPoint stands apart from other enterprise marketing solutions.


Constituent Experience

OmniPoint helps you build meaningful relationships by getting a complete view of your contituents.

So what? So you can:

  • Understand your constituents and their behaviors
  • Communicate more effectively and efficiently across every channel
  • Improve engagement at every stage of the constituent lifecycle
  • Engage supporters with messages that resonate based on past behaviors


Program Management

With OmniPoint, you can quickly and easily see all the communication happening at your organization — and which of those activities is driving real results.

So what? So you can:

  • Eliminate duplicate communication efforts across programs
  • Understand ROI at the program, campaign, and donor level
  • Easily see all efforts and channels associated with a single campaign
  • Eliminate time-consuming, repetitive tasks to maximize productivity


Strategic Multichannel

OmniPoint helps you deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.

So what? So you can:

  • Reach constituents where and when they're most likely to give because they expect it
  • Manage multichannel campaigns easily through a single application
  • Improve outreach and decision making thanks to multichannel attribution

Know more about your marketing campaigns.

Know your constituents better.

Know how to boost your results.